"The Other Two"

“The Other Two” concludes Season 3 amid HR investigation reports

“The Other Two” is coming to a close after three seasons amid reports of a toxic work environment.

The beloved and acclaimed series will conclude with its current third season, making the June 29 episode the series finale. “The Other Two” was created by former “SNL” writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, who shared a press release clarifying that the decision to end after season 3 was not due to the cancellation.

However, The Hollywood Reporter accredited sources say there were “multiple staff complaints” about showrunners Kelly and Schneider over the course of production. According to the THR report, HR’s complaints stemmed from on-set and writers’ room behavior, including allegations that Kelly “verbally abused the writers and overworked crew and claims Schneider permitted her behavior.”

A source tells IndieWire the report was unsubstantiated and unrelated to the end of the series. Max’s reps did not provide comment to THR.

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According to THR, after a formal investigation, both Kelly and Schneider were acquitted of the charge. Yet the production’s behind-the-scenes environment seemed to have a reputation of hers, with fellow ‘SNL’ alum Tina Fey referencing during her PEN America Literary Awards speech in March that “SNL” creator Lorne Michaels “unleashed an army of monsters upon the world” pandering to the writers, apparently in reference to Kelly and Schneider.

“You know it, I know it, and so does the ‘The Other Two’ crew,” Fey joked. “Oh, I should have changed that. I should have changed it. It’s inappropriate. Oh well, it’s not a live stream.”

Kelly and Schneider released a joint statement announcing the end of “The Other Two” after three seasons.

“It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to the Dubek family after three seasons, but we’ve always known, both creatively and personally, that this is where we wanted to end their stories,” the duo said. “And since we’re literally unable to humiliate Drew Tarver, so what’s the point?”

The statement continued: “We are deeply grateful to all (gay people) who have seen the show, to Max for giving us a second home and a life, and to our writers, producers and crew, who have dedicated so much of their time, talent and passion for this show for the past 45 years. And finally, a huge thank you to Heléne, Drew, Molly, Case, Wanda, Josh, Brandon and everyone in our brilliant cast (except Ken) who made this show better than it had a right to be, and who we will be missing terribly (especially Ken). Long live ChaseDreams. #chasedreams #globsaregay #feet.”

In “The Other Two,” Heléne Yorke and Drew Tarver play the “other” titular siblings Brooke and Cary, whose dreams of industry stardom fell by the wayside after their younger brother ChaseDreams (Case Walker) became a pop star Justin Bieber-style.

Molly Shannon plays Pat Dubek, Oprah’s daytime talk show equivalent, the mother, while Ken Marino and Wanda Sykes make up the family’s media team. Breakout star Josh Segarra played Brooke Lance’s boyfriend throughout the series and Brandon Scott Jones is Curtis, Drew’s frantic.

“The Other Two” debuted on Comedy Central before handing over to Max for a second season. It was renewed for a third season in September 2021.

The third and final season boasted A-list guest stars such as Simu Liu, Edie Falco, Ben Platt, Dylan O’Brien, Lukas Gage and Kiernan Shipka, with Fin Argus, Ann Dowd, Lawrence O’Donnell, Spike Einbinder, Andrea Boehlke and Dana Delaney make memorable appearances. Recurring guest stars on the series include Richard Kind, Kate Berlant, Jimmy Fowlie, Alison Rich, Ali Ahn and Marcia DeBonis.

“The Other Two” was created, written, directed and executive produced by showrunners and writers Kelly and Schneider.